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Sky+HD gives you the magic of Sky+ and the TV you love in high definition. Pause, rewind and record the widest range of programming in glorious HD and access up to 46 HD channels.

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LCD TVs and Plasma TVs have taken over from standard CRT televisions in the past decade. LCD TVs vary in size from 22 Inch to 37 Inch models, but due to manufacturing costs coming down we are now seeing manufacturers like Samsung and Sony producing much larger LCD screens.

Plasma Television sales have not grown as much as LCD Televisions have, partly because plasma screens have a shorter life span and use more energy.

Panasonic and Pioneer still make Plasma TVs but other companies like Sony and Toshiba have pulled any from the technology preferring to invest heavily in LCD. New flat screen technologies to watch out for in the coming years are OLED and SED TVs.

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BT Total Broadband
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